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Virtual Visit

Virtual Visit

A Virtual Visit, also known as Telemedicine, is an improved method of healthcare delivery where families can seek medical care from the comfort of their own homes. Through our electronic communication service, our providers can evaluate, diagnose and treat a multitude of pediatric illnesses and concerns.

Our providers are available during regular business hours so you can schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Other Concerns

Ear pain,

Sore throat, Nosebleeds,

Headaches, Pink eye,

Yeast infections

Prescription Refills

Temporary medication refills for non-controlled substances

Medical Questions

Have a question or concern?

Set up an appointment today to speak with one of our licensed providers!

GI Concerns


Diarrhea, Heartburn,

Nausea, Vomiting

Skin Concerns

Minor skin infections,

Lice, Pinworms, Scabies,

Hives, Eczema, Ringworm,

Warts, Insect bites,

Minor cuts/burns

Respiratory Concerns

Nasal congestion,

Runny nose, Cough,

Sinus pain/pressure,


The quality of our care speaks for itself

This place is awesome!!! Everyone was super nice. Treated my daughter very well and that’s what I look for when going to places like this. Check-in was very fast. The only wait I had was from filling out paper work, which I think I saw you can do online before going in. We were in quick and they explained everything the were doing and were thorough about what my daughter had and if I had any questions. Which I didn’t because they explained everything perfectly. I just love this place!!!

Maribel L., Google Review